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Food safety made easy / new WLC Food Safe® 2.0 release continues to set standards

Turnhout, 7 July 2016 | Food safety. Barrier integrity. Customer flexibility. All at the highest levels. When it comes to protecting food from mineral oil contamination in folding carton packaging, WLC Food Safe® 2.0 by Van Genechten Packaging proves to be superior. Its newest release continues to set the standard in making food safety work.

So many factors

“It’s a complex matter”, explains Erwin Klünder, “Chief Sales Officer at Van Genechten Packaging (VGP). “There is a growing public sensitivity to mineral oil contamination and food safety in general, both through direct and indirect packaging.”

“Legislation is trying to adapt, but it has not yet decided which way to go, since there are so many factors at play. Even the exact cause of contamination is not always clear, which tends to cloud the debate. Obviously, retail and brand owners are watching closely and are demanding a suitable response.”

No compromises

“The answer should be to use the best possible solution out there in the market. WLC Food Safe® makes this happen: It offers the best barrier properties against mineral oils , and that’s a scientifically proven fact. It’s a multi-layered coating that allows direct food contact. A result of our close cooperation with BASF. 
And it can be applied on all board types, recycled or not and follows the standard process for converting folding carton packaging.”

Proven results

With a growing public sensitivity to possible mineral oil contamination and food safety, VGP has been the first to offer retailers and brand owners a safe barrier solution proven to be among the best solutions in the market.

Press contact

Erwin Klünder

Chief Sales Officer

Raadsherenstraat 2
2300 Turnhout

T+32 14 40 36 40

About Van Genechten Packaging International (VGPI)

VGPI is an independent industrial group with headquarters in Luxembourg. It consists of 10 folding carton factories in 7 countries, leading the European consumer goods industry with printed folding cartons, microflute and other packaging solutions.

With an annual turnover of € 280 million, the group converts more than 200,000 tons of cardboard each year and employs 1,600 people. Trusted by blue-chip companies and multi-awarded by industry specialists, VGPI is widely known for both pushing and setting standards in tailor-made folding carton packaging solutions that drive business, while being sustainable and innovative on all levels.

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