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Get a grip on sustainability

How to eliminate single-use plastic and sustainably improve impact

When UK-based promotional partner B-Loony contacted us to assist them in developing a smarter alternative for single-use plastic balloon grips, we did not hesitate.

Honouring our Save the Planet Award, we produced the eco-friendly Balloon Grip™, again showcasing the versatile power of folding carton:

  • acts truly sustainable
    renewable sources, perfectly reusable and recyclable
  • communicates with impact
    new branding possibilities, high-quality printing
  • comes flat-packed
    efficient packaging, storage and distribution

This is win-win-win. You answer the call of consumers for truly sustainable innovation, which is reaching a tipping point; you deal with the soon to come EU ban on single-use plastics, and you create a better product with new branding possibilities.

"Many of our existing customers have already pledged to reduce their use of single-use plastics, and with Balloon Grip™ we can offer an affordable, eco-friendly and smart alternative. So we were very happy to have pulled this off with Van Genechten Packaging, " says Andy MacInnes, Commercial Director B-Loony.

That is how we can make the switch to sustainable packaging work. From first ideas to concrete projects: get into contact with your nearest team.

We'd love to hear from you.
Kind regards,
The Van Genechten Packaging Team

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