Environmentally committed

We promote responsible forestry and comply with all Chain-of-Custody requirements as set by the FSCĀ® and PEFC. This includes the sourcing, development and production of cardboard, as well as the sales of printed carton packaging. Furthermore, we have identified our major environmental impact factors and initiated improvement projects to:

  • minimise board waste
  • optimise energy usage
  • make water usage more efficient

With a recycling rate of 85% paper packaging is the most recycled packaging material in Europe. And that's wonderful news. Consumers are very concerned about the environment impact of the products they buy. That's why paper, packaging and allied industries continually strive to tackle their environmental footprint.

Research by the European Carton Makers Association (ECMA) with Two Sides uncovers the seven superpowers of paper packaging, bundled in a nice booklet, available as free download.

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