FlatSkin® packaging: better recycling, less waste

Plastic reduced with up to 75%, easy to open

By combining a laminated, 2-sided printable carton with a thin, high-barrier film, we have created an easy to open packaging solution that reduces plastic use up to 75% and makes your products shine.

But FlatSkin® is not only a straightforward packaging solution.
It is also way better for

  • the environment
    less plastic, more cardboard, easily separated & recyclable
  • your brand
    extended shelf-life, high visual impact, range of shapes
  • your consumers
    easy opening, optimized product visibility

Environmentally friendly

FlatSkin® delivers numerous benefits:

  • up to 75% reduction
    in plastic use
  • easy separation of all materials
    for ultimate recyclability
  • optimal transport & warehousing
    less space needed
  • made of cardboard
    from fully sustainable sources

Great for food

FlatSkin® makes excellent food packaging. It’s highly suited for fresh meat, cheese, poultry, seafood, vegetables and many more.

We make sure it’s safe by printing it with low-migration inks. The board is also laminated with a thin barrier film for extra protection and microbiological security.

This helps form an air-tight barrier that offers a shelf-life considerably similar to that of fully plastic packaging, and:

  • potentially even extends shelf-life
  • makes it less likely food will be wasted

Attractive presentation

FlatSkin® is designed to be printed on, both front and back. 3D optic supports excellent visibility and eye-catching presentation at POS. And it is compatible with the EURO hole hanger.

Suitable for virtually any product

FlatSkin® is available in a range of shapes and sizes. We’ve also designed it to make packaging processes easier and more efficient with the use of targeted packaging machines.

Designed & made by Sealpac and VGP

We have teamed up with Sealpac GmbH to tackle the challenge and create this remarkably fresh solution. FlatSkin® is a registered trademark of SEALPAC GmbH/Oldenburg.

Make FlatSkin® work for you

Let’s discuss how sustainable folding carton packaging and solutions like FlatSkin® can fit your business strategy.

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