Why Shelf-Ready Packaging (SRP) is your head-start

Plenty of advantages in your supply chain and on the shelf

Retail ready packaging is becoming more than just a trend. It's the soon-to-be standard for supermarkets and retail. And that's only logical, when you see how many advantages it offers your products, both in your supply chain and on shelves. Up-stream as well as in-store, SRP is cost-effective with great shelf impact:

  • optimal protection
  • easy to recognize
  • minimal handling
  • fast to fill
  • less waste
  • highly optimized sales

Making SRP work

But how can you launch SRP most effectively for your brand? This is how you make it work: create a strong combination of transit and display packaging with a range of easy-open possibilities and creative shapes, with excellent finishes and effects.

At Van Genechten Packaging we guarantee top quality SRP:

  • high-grade cardboard, so many possibilities
    B, D, E, F and N-microflute combinations, microflute and solid cardboard
  • top-quality printing with premium appearance
    state-of-the-art offset litho printing equipment
  • impressive opening techniques and shapes
    bespoke solutions from our 3 innovation hubs
  • economic use of materials, high diecutting quality
    our specialisation in microflute offers you cost-optimised solutions
  • proven expertise
    we have years of experience in developing and producing SRP