Truly sustainable packaging solutions

Folding carton trays stand out in every way

Reduce your use of plastic and make no compromises whatsoever in your packaging supply chain. Folding carton is 100% recyclable and renewable, which makes it the only truly sustainable packaging solution.

Perfectly stackable, sturdy and foodsafe, its eye-catching high quality printing possibilities will make your products stand out on the shelf. Your customers will love it. And so will your stakeholders.

Microflute and compact carton trays

  • Reduce plastic with up to 80%
  • Replace the full plastic tray
  • Often with a plastic flow wrap in retail (but not necessary)
  • Powerful printing possibilities
  • Very common for fruit & vegetables

Compact carton trays with top seal

  • Reduce plastic with up to 95%
  • Top seal film, can be easily removed
  • Folded edge for extra protection
  • Easy opening, dosing and reclosing
  • Individual packaging climate perfectly adaptable
  • Ideal for fruit & vegetables, herbs, mushrooms and many more

MULTIVAC PaperBoard tray (MAP)

  • Reduce plastic with up to 75%
  • Sustainable modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)
  • Easy opening and material separation
  • High-quality folding carton printing & finishing technologies
  • Various packaging shapes possible
  • Ideal for fish, meat, poultry, cheese, snacks, salads, bread, noodles
  • In cooperation with MULTIVAC
  • Rely on our international machine expertise

Folding cartons keep every product safe

From production and storage to transport and life on the shelf, folding carton is suited for every product range, no matter what shape or size :

  • beer & beverages
  • frozen food
  • food service
  • home & personal care
  • confectionery
  • and many more

Discover our wide range of folding carton trays

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