VGP innovation centre

3 innovation hubs

  • Turnhout, Belgium
    confectionery, food service & food on the move, home care, microflute and shelf-ready packaging
  • Kempten, Germany
    frozen food, pet food, personal care, multipack (beer & beverages and dairy), materials and barriers
  • Angoulême, France
    premium drinks and beauty

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5 Packaging design award nominations

Packaging innovation makes it to the finals

Over the past weeks Van Genechten Packaging has received 5 award nominations for different professional packaging awards across Europe. Our Group has reached the finals in the following awards:

Pro Carton/ECMA Awards 2013

For the categories Beverages and Confectionery:

  • Twinkle Box for Moët & Chandon
    - VG Angoulême
  • Venus Bag for Les Vignerons d'Alignan-du-Vent
    - VG Angoulême
  • ChocOlé for Griesson De Beukelaer
    VG Nicolaus Cologne
  • Travel Trade series for Fazer Confectionery Ltd.
    - VG Kvadra Pak

The winners will be announced on 19th September at the ECMA Congress in Dubrovnik.

Deutscher Verpackungspreis 2013

For the category Food and Pet Food:
WLC Food Safe® - VG Nicolaus

Winners will be presented on 23rd September before the opening of the FachPack exhibition in Nürnberg. Our Group will be present with a booth on 24, 25 and 26 September.

Position in packaging innovation confirmed

With 5 finalist award nominations in 2013 our Group sees its position as a leader in packaging innovation confirmed. Our drive to innovate is a strong pillar of our success strategy: we continually look for new ways to break boundaries and create totally new experience levels between a brand, its product and its consumer.