VGP innovation centre

3 innovation hubs

  • Turnhout, Belgium
    confectionery, food service & food on the move, home care, microflute and shelf-ready packaging
  • Kempten, Germany
    frozen food, pet food, personal care, multipack (beer & beverages and dairy), materials and barriers
  • Angoulême, France
    premium drinks and beauty
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Get a head-start with Shelf-Ready Packaging

Where will you be when SRP becomes standard?

Is SRP a trend today? More than that: it's the trend!

And soon to be a standard in supermarkets and retail. And that's only logical, when you see how many advantages it offers your products, both in the Supply Chain and on shelf: optimal protection, easy to recognize, minimal handling, fast to fill, less waste and high impact on the consumer. Up-stream as well as in-store, SRP is cost-effective with great shelf impact.

High time to take action! You'll have an important adavantage in no time. So how to launch SRP most effectively?

High-quality SRP makes the difference

A strong single combination of transit and display packaging with a range of easy-open possibilities and creative shapes with excellent finishes and effects. At Van Genechten Packaging, we guarantee top-quality SRP:

  • high-grade cardboard, so many possibilities
    N, F, E, D and B microflute combinations, microflute and solid cardboard
  • top-quality printing with premium appearance
    state-of-the-art offset litho printing equipment
  • impressive opening techniques and shapes
    bespoke solutions from our 3 Innovation Centres
  • economic use of materials, high diecutting quality
    our specialisation in microflute offers you cost-optimised solutions
  • proven expertise
    we have years of experience in developing and producing SRP

Contact us

Questions? Want more details or want to discuss initial ideas or concrete plans concerning SRP? Let us know.

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