Designed to drive your business

Custom food packaging

Food packaging is all about not making compromises. For optimal performance, you want to combine:

  • food safety and protection
  • competitive performance
  • result-driven design
  • superb printing quality
  • efficient production
  • optimal convenience along your entire supply chain

At Van Genechten Packaging, we deliver that winning combination of elements in the most outstanding way. As Europe's award-winning specialist in custom folding cartons, we design, develop, produce and deliver powerful packaging for food that drives your business - whatever the challenge, no matter how complex or simple.

How we have made recycled cardboard food-safe

WLC Food Safe® is our 100% food-safe packaging made of recycled cardboard. Its key qualities:

  • maintains the standard process for producing/converting folding boxes
  • is heat-sealable
  • has a grease barrier
  • has a MOSH/MOAH barrier to prevent migration into food
  • is more cost-effective than barrier inner bags

That's an industry first, indeed. How do we keep mineral oils and other migrants in the recycled material from reaching your product?With a special barrier layer we created together with BASF. Although winning awards is not why we created WLC Food Safe® in the first place, we are very proud it has won both the German Packaging Award 2013 and the WorldStar Award 2014.