Quality confectionery packaging

Shifting to a premium brand experience

When it comes to chocolate and confectionery, consumer behaviour is clearly changing. With a mind-set more conscious of a healthy lifestyle, and legislation becoming stricter, patterns are shifting: people are changing from consuming quantity to choosing quality and eating less, still with a sense of self-indulgence and enjoyment.

How will your brands respond to this change as competition becomes stronger?

Making premium-brand packaging work

Our powerful packaging knowledge, expertise and skills align your confectionery packaging with its precious contents to drive sales and loyalty in a shifting market. We make sure your packaging conveys the right brand experience by:

  • customer-focused teams our experts think along with your brand and consume
  • fresh, original ideas maximum shelf impact
  • highly differentiating creation to make specialty assortments stand out
  • volumetric packaging highly effective
  • outstanding finishing techniques soft touch, gift-like finishing and details...

Award-winning chocolates packaging

Produced and printed as one piece, the Fazer travel exclusive gift box opens as a serving bowl with a separate sleeve. Though machine filled, it strongly conveys a premium feel, combining varnishes, embossing and hot foil.