Making your culinary and dry food brand win

Standing out in a price-based market

Every step in your packaging process counts in the culinary and dry food market. Which is no surprise, because competition is fierce and primarily price-based. Besides reinforcing brand recognition and loyalty with high-quality printing, we offer fresh ways to make your brand more competitive:

  • optimal supply chain efficiency close to you with our pan-European manufacturing footprint
  • competitive board price and delivery thanks to our excellent relation with key suppliers
  • improved convenience with design expertise packaging with handy shapes, windows...
  • replacing virgin board with food-safe recycled board enhance supplies with our award-winning WLC Food Safe® packaging

Switching to recycled board with WLC Food Safe®

WLC Food Safe® is our 100% food-safe packaging made entirely of recycled board:

  • MOSH and MOAH barrier
  • maintains the standard production process
  • heat-sealable
  • grease barrier

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