Fresh ideas for fresh products

Folding carton packs and multipacks for dairy brands

Only superb packaging will make your brand stand out and reinforce customer loyalty. That’s how strong competition is in this market. With VGP, you can optimise every step of your production and sales processes to reach your business targets:

  • suited for conventional filling equipment efficient packaging that matches your processes
  • create powerful promotions with stickering, QR codes, augmented reality, unique coding, loyalty campaigns...

  • original specialties for optimal brand awareness to drive sales

Sustainable fresh food and ready-meal trays

Folding carton provides you with the ideal, sustainable answer to consumers that are clearly becoming eco-conscious. Whether you need sustainable trays for tomatoes, berries, or any other fresh fruit and vegetables, or for ready meals packaging: we create and produce fresh food packaging that:

  • is sustainable and enhances your brand's green character board packaging is recyclable and requires less material
  • offers optimal food safety and protection solid barrier properties with extrusion, microflute...
  • is suited for conventional filling & sealing equipment matches your specific processes
  • can be combined with other materials to let you benefit from the best of both worlds

Full in-house packaging services with automation

Need a total automated approach close to you for optimal efficiency? We bring our operational service and expertise to you – literally. We deliver full on-site packaging production suites – including machines, supplies, set-up and maintenance – right where and how you need them.

Our leadership and expertise in the fresh food and dairy market also includes automation know-how. Working closely together with the right partners, full package systems can be created and installed.

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