Making a clean difference for your brand

Folding carton for powder and home care packaging

High-volume production, strong competition on the shelf… Plenty of factors determine whether your home care brand will stand out.

Leading global producers of home care products rely on our folding carton expertise to drive brand loyalty and sales. We assist them in (re)shaping their packaging as the ultimate marketing tool to make the difference at that decisive moment in stores.

This is how:

  • technology and materials know-how
    durable, powerful packaging, microflute, matching barrier properties for hygroscopic products
  • refreshing finishing techniques
    shiny, metallic, matt, ... for a strong, elegant look & feel
  • customer-focused teams
    thinking along with your brand, market and end-users
  • design for customer convenience
    handles, easy-to-open, long-lasting packs, ...
  • sustainability built-in
    because board is recyclable, production is more sustainable
  • promotions to stand out from private labels
    stickering, QR codes, augmented reality, ...

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