Quality feeling builds trust

Meeting personal care and hygiene products’ quality standards

Personal care products – like diapers, tooth brushes or feminine hygiene products – are sold and bought in a pharmaceutical atmosphere, making consumers' quality standards the highest possible.

Folding carton packaging is ideally suited for conveying a quality feeling that builds trust and loyalty in a growth market. A soft touch, embossing or debossing, glossy look – all this, and much more, is possible to create a unique and catchy look on the shelf.

Moreover, many of these packages tend to have a longer life on people's shelves at home, which challenges you to rethink your communication strategy.

At VGP, we combine extensive branding experience with in-depth technological knowledge to produce, for example, blister packs with heat seal coating. Our folding carton know-how will make your brand:

  • easily stand out from basic product ranges
    with highly creative design production
  • translate its quality values into sales
    with the highest possible impact
  • more sustainable than other packaging types
    board is recyclable, and comes from a renewable, natural source
  • perform on all levels
    best manufacturing practices (GMP) built-in