Unique packaging for unique brands

Expressing your brand DNA with premium design

Building on your brand’s DNA, we translate the luxury features that make your product stand out in packaging that is outstanding on all levels. Because premium brands deserve premium packaging.

But it takes much more than just a creative idea to create the right first impression and make it resonate with your target audience and, above all, drive sales.

High-tech packaging know-how

To create added value through elegance and originality, we combine more than a century of craftsmanship with a perfect command of top technology:

  • UV printing
  • hot foil stamping
  • embossing
  • windows
  • unique encoding

Pushing the boundaries of innovation in packaging

Simple and elegant, or sophisticated, our premium packaging solutions stand out. Different shapes, original folding – our innovation department persistently pushes the boundaries of innovation. We draw on our technical expertise to propose robustly tested solutions that are ready for mass production, which you approve on the basis of blank models.

Premium material knowledge

Tactile and visual contact with a product is key in the relationship between your brand and its consumers. We work with leading board manufacturers to make sure you get the look-and-feel that suits you. Some of the options we master:

  • natural
  • satinised
  • glazed
  • iridescent
  • holographic

Colour engineering is fundamental

Colour is a fundamental part of your brand’s DNA. Starting from your requirements and input, our colour engineers work diligently to produce your particular colour – the perfect hue.

Then we take all this to the next level

Premium is the art of detail. We take visuals, typography and colour to the next level, employing techniques like hot foil stamping, lamination, micro-embossing, high gloss and satinised varnish, puff inks and embossed hot foil...

Because going that extra mile to achieve optimal quality is the only way to truly express your brand’s unique personality.

What do we love more than winning awards?

Making you and your brands win. We have been awarded numerous times for our premium packaging design. Not just because of our ground-breaking work – it’s because we work closely with our customers and continue to push boundaries, while respecting industrial restrictions and cost and time targets.

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