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  • Turnhout, Belgium - General Food
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  • Riga, Latvia - Chocolates
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  • Komarom, Hungary - Consumer Electronics
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Awards-winning year for VG Kvadra Pak

This year the annual contest „Best packaging in Latvia” was held in the light of the 20th anniversary of the Latvian Packaging association. A wide diversity, skills and strengths of many contestants stressed the increasing trend to use renewable and innovative packaging solutions that not only play a big role in protecting the product during packing and transport, but also help to build brand recognition and increase communication with the end consumer.

VG Kvadra Pak received the 5 prizes within the following categories:

1st prize - “Les Mini Bâtons - Galler"

A new concept box for assorted chocolates that has been developed in a very unusual way. The black colour on the inside accentuates the variety of 16 chocolate mini bars which are displayed underneath a large window in an unusual way - standing upright. Using matt and UV spot varnish make the pack look special amongst the usual concepts.

1st prize – packaging series selection of “Laima” pralines – Desserts, Berries and Christmas selections.

A bright and elegant design marks the boxes of a new series from confectionery factory Laima. The consumer is instantly overwhelmed by the soft, light and joyful characteristics of the packaging. A 6 colour offset print with matt and UV spot varnish, finished with gold and holographic foils as well as embossed elements. The size and shape of the boxes make them suitable for the perfect gift.

1st prize - Kalev box “Jõulu-Seiklus”

For Christmas Kalev wanted to surprise its customers by making their packaging interactive. On the front of the box a QR code leads to an app. As soon as this app is downloaded and installed on the consumer's, the box becomes an interactive tool bringing a digital Christmas elf to life.

2nd prize – secondary packaging for whiskey „Glen Clyde”

There are two key words – Innovation Malt – that inspired VG Kvadra Pak to develop an original packaging. The main goal for Glen Clyde Ltd and VG Kvadra Pak was to design a stylish and consumer friendly packaging that highlights modern minimalism, whilst keeping its premium value. The printing was done on the reverse side of the board in order to make the consumer literally feel the texture of the material. The Glen Clyde logo is emphasized by making use of UV spot varnish and embossing. The box has a unique shape that enables the consumer to experience the product in all its glory.

1st prize – secondary packaging for vodka „Koskenkorva”

The gift box for vodka Koskenkorva is a result of an intensive cooperation between Plc Altia and VG Kvadra Pak. The brand has strong traditional roots, therefore our main goal was to find the perfect solution to emphasize these features. The finishing elements include a soft touch varnish and a foiling solution on the corners of the box stressing the hazy impression and making it eye-catching on the shelf.

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