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VGP wins two European Carton Excellence Awards 2018

Double award sweep

Turnhout, 21 September 2018 | Carton of the Year & Save the Planet. VGP has been awarded gold twice for its ‘spectacular’ branding and truly sustainable innovation at the European Carton Excellence Awards.

The Carton Excellence Award is a highly prestigious showcase event in the world of folding carton packaging. Many prestigious brands and their packaging companies present their ‘best of’ in various categories to expert jury members every year. They hope to take home an award, a clear sign of international recognition for innovation, creativity, expertise, performance and craftsmanship.

Though often thought of as simply the outside, packaging is hugely important for companies since it directly impacts logistics, shelf performance, customer experience, product safety, CSR, and sales. Clever folding carton packaging should outperform on all these levels.

Jaw-dropping Moët: Carton of the Year

“Unanimous at first opening. Like discovering a treasure box. Spectacular. Jaw-dropping. Complexity that actually works.” The jury was stunned by the Mini Moët pack, that keeps 6 smaller bottles of champagne and 6 flutes safely together and then goes on to create a festive moment after opening surprisingly easy: the carton as a whole works perfectly as an ice bucket. Moët and VGP are proud to have been awarded the Carton of the Year with this ground-breaking work.

Saving the Planet: FlatSkin®

Substantially minimising the need for plastics and Styrofoam, and achieving that aim for almost every food type, including meat, in a simple, straightforward product with clever and effective barrier properties is why the jury named FlatSkin® “innovative” and “a worthy winner” that is helping to “save the planet”. VGP shares this award with Sealpac GmbH, which helped create this truly sustainable packaging. FlatSkin® uses up to 75% less plastic compared to a conventional tray or shrink packaging - without any loss of product quality.

Sweet second: Pure Chocolate

An honorary mention for this treasure box: the exclusive boxes for various chocolate truffles Van Genechten Packaging created for the occasion of Latvia’s centenary. These precious jewels were proud finalists in the ‘Confectionery’ category.

“I feel truly honoured. It is a privilege to see our team achieve this. Getting the ‘Carton of the Year’ award from our peers, from the industry, is always a recognition for what our people are doing on a daily basis. Developing innovative and excellent packaging solutions; applying a customer-centric approach; and supporting our customers’ and partners’ brand attractiveness.”

“Receiving the ’Save the Planet’ award is equally important to us. This clearly rewards our continuous efforts to put more sustainable and renewable packaging solutions on the market.” - Arnauld Demoulin, CEO Van Genechten Packaging

The Pro Carton official site https://www.procarton.com/awards/carton-excellence-award/2018/

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