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  • Turnhout, Belgium
    Delikát élelmiszerek, élelmiszeripari-, gyorséttermi-, háztartási-és ápolási termékek, hullámkarton, és polckész termékek
  • Kempten, Németország
    Fagyasztott termékek, állateledel csomagolóanyagok, higiéniai termékek, multipack-ok (sörök, alkoholmentes italok, és tejtermékek számára)
  • Angoulême, Franciaország
    Prémium italok és szépségápolási termékek
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New microwave suited packaging available

VG Meyzieu has developed microwave suited packaging that is printed on both sides with a maximum limitation of component migration, while offering printing possibilities to strengthen marketing impact.

We have carried out a protocol of migration tests in the laboratory and organised the launch of a key product with alternative solutions for our Customer, all within a very short time frame. The result is the first packaging of its kind, composed of a two-sided printed cover that is microwave safe (for food safety).

A Satisfied customer: fleury michon

"The project's goals centred around two development areas, in a very short time frame: volume and features, and inks. We particularly appreciated:

  • the ability to listen and understand our constraints and react to them
  • the ability to make use of knowledge and/or experimentscarried out within the VGP group
  • guidance during start-up, having made a "plan B"
  • the involvement of all the VG Meyzieu partners to arrive at the best result.

Fleury Michon was therefore able to put ideal packaging on the market in complete safety," concludes the Fleury Michon Purchasing Manager.

Your company needs technical packaging solutions

But these must meet very specific and rigorous standards. This is why VG Meyzieu is the partner you need. Our Level A BRC IOP ISO 9001, FSC-PEFC certifications guarantee to provide you with solutions that meet the requirements of your sector.