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  • Turnhouta, Beļģija
    konditoreja, ātrās ēdināšanas iepakojumi, mājsaimniecības preces, mikrogofra novietošanai plauktā gatavs iepakojums
  • Kemptena, Vācija
    saldētā pārtika, dzīvnieku barība, personīgā higiēna, multipakas (alus un citi dzērieni, piena produkti), materiāli un pārklājumi
  • Angouleme, Francija
    augstākās klases dzērieni un skaistumkopšana
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Van Genechten Packaging International packed with fresh expertise

Luxembourg - 3 new non-executive directors with different backgrounds have been given a seat in VGPI's new Board of Directors. With expertise in FMCG, marketing and finance, the new board brings VGPI closer to brand owners and retail. This to the benefit of all its customers, big and small. The board held its 1stmeeting on March 30th 2015.

A board of active challengers

Mrs. Inge Plochaet, former General Manager, major brewery concern.

Mr. Pierre Detry, former President & CEO, multinational food company.

Mr. Alain Renard, Atalux, financial engineering.

These 3 new Board members join Mr. Philippe de Somer (President), Mr. Frederic de Somer (Managing Director) and Mr. Michel Eeckhout (Director).

Attracting external directors is part of a long tradition at Van Genechten, where the Board of Directors functions as an active challenger, aimed at giving feedback and stimulating self-reflection at management level. This is no luxury in these demanding times, where globalisation and speed of change are getting stronger.

It is self-evident that with these 3 new members, VGPI is packed with fresh outstanding leadership, a strategic mind-set and strong international expertise in global and local brands.

Press contact
Frederic de Somer – Managing Director
T +32 14 40 36 40

About Van Genechten Packaging International (VGPI)

VGPI is an independent industrial group with headquarters in Luxembourg. It consists of 10 folding carton factories in 7 countries, leading the European consumer goods industry with printed folding cartons, microflute and other packaging solutions. With an annual turnover of €280 million, the group converts more than 200,000 tons of cardboard each year and employs 1,500 people.

Trusted by blue-chip companies and multi-awarded by industry specialists, VGPI is widely known for both pushing and setting standards in tailor-made folding carton packaging solutions that drive business, while being sustainable and innovative on all levels.

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