VGP innovation centre

6 centres of excellence

  • Turnhout, Belgium - General Food
  • Kempten, Germany - Frozen Food
  • Angoulême, France - Premium Drinks
  • Riga, Latvia - Chocolates
  • Chelmek, Poland - Personal Care
  • Komarom, Hungary - Consumer Electronics
Ontdek onze innovatiecentra

Oh, you thought these windows were pl*stic?

Who needs pl*stic when there’s beautifully recyclable and renewable folding carton and paper?

Yes, we thought you would think these are pl*stic windows.
We get that a lot.

But look: it’s paper. The windows look awesome.
And they will make your brand even more sustainable.
From food to personal care: picture perfect.

Just like folding carton, your windows will be perfectly recyclable, renewable and biodegradable.
And they work for any product.

Even better: you get to choose

1. High-clarity or semi-transparent
Typical use: granola packaging

2. White paper look or semi-transparent
Typical use: tea packaging or playing cards

3. Semi-transparent for smaller applications
Typical use: pasta, personal care

Here’s to paper, your new window of opportunity
Want to add windows to your packaging now? Or replace your pl*stic ones?

Simply contact your nearest VGP team via:

We’d love to hear from you!

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