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  • Turnhout, Belgia
    Słodycze, catering i dania na wynos, produkty dla domu, opakowania z tektury mikrofalistej i opakowania ekspozycyjne
  • Kempten, Niemcy
    Mrożonki, karma zwierzęca, artykuły higieny osobistej, multipaki (piwo, napoje i nabiał), kartony oraz kartony z barierą
  • Angoulême, Francja
    Produkty premium z sektora napojów i sektora produktów pielęgnacyjnych

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Van Genechten Packaging receives Procter & Gamble's External Business Partner Excellence Award 2014

Turnhout, Belgium – Van Genechten Packaging has been selected as a 2014 P&G External Business Partner Excellence Award winner. Our company has received this award for consistently performing at high levels as determined by broad-based quantitative and qualitative evaluations from P&G’s employees throughout the supply chain.

Among P&G’s more than 75,000 suppliers & agencies, seven of its top performing External Business Partners were recognized with its prestigious Partner of the Year Award and 51 other companies were awarded with the External Business Partner Excellence Award, including two for superior performance in Supplier Diversity.

Speaking at the event, Mr. A.G. Lafley, P&G’s Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer, emphasized innovation, productivity and partnership, saying, “P&G’s ask of you is that you partner with us on innovation. Partner with us on productivity. Let’s work together as partners to create value for each other, for consumers and for our industry.”


Our Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Lorenzo Delorenzi, adds: “We are very proud of this achievement. Contributing to P&G’s ability to touch and improve the lives of the world’s consumers, through our superior Innovation capabilities, close partnership and continuous optimization, is what drives us. This award reinforces further our commitment and energizes our entire organization.”

Heidi Vanspauwen - Group PR & Communication Manager
T +32 14 40 36 40 - hvanspauwen@vangenechten.com