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VGP joins the 4evergreen alliance

Boosting recycling of fibre-based packaging in a circular economy

Turnhout, 29 November 2019 | Van Genechten Packaging (VGP) has joined the brand new 4evergreen industry alliance. Together with other members of CEPI, the European association representing the paper industry, our aim is to boost the contribution of fibre-based packaging.

4evergreen brings together paper and board producers, packaging converters, brand-owners and retailers, technology and material suppliers as well as the collecting, sorting and recycling industries.

The benefits of fibre-based materials

Although the largest part of fibre-based packaging is already recyclable, there’s always more that can be done. 4evergeen will increase general awareness about the benefits of fibre-based packaging materials.

Making circular work

This makes perfect sense, since our economy is becoming ever more circular and needs fundamentally sustainable initiatives. This is how packaging specialists can substantially reduce the impact of packaging on our climate and the environment.

Design, collection and infrastructure

How? It will advocate for EU legislation to make sustainability work on different levels. One, it should encourage design for recyclability. Two, collection systems should be developed for optimal recycling, and infrastructure has to be adapted to recycling practices.

In the end, this will make it easier for consumers to make more climate-friendly choices.

Sustainability has always been one of our main goals. Collaborating with industry members from across the fibre-based packaging value chain and FMCG-brands, will bring it to a whole new level, ” says Jeroen Lybaert, Chief Commercial Officer.

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